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GetNode Review – First Masternode Club / Pool

GetNode Review

Simply stated: With Getnode you earn your Bitcoin daily through your share of the Masternode Pool. The company in Malta now has its website and system in English. Take advantage of the low Bitcoin price for a quick start.

In this video I show you my results with the masternode provider GetNode. The provider finally has an English website. In this review I show you my results.

Once GetNode goes international, you can be one of the first networkers or entrepreneurs in your country to introduce GetNode. Now have fun with the video:

I hope you enjoyed the video and you got a picture of GetNode. If you have further questions, just write under the video or under this post.

In the video I show you next to my experiences with the club, also my results. So far I have invested 1.2 BTC (Bitcoin) in GetNode and I am very satisfied. In the end, everyone has to make a decision for themselves. Of course there is also a risk with GetNode and the Masternode area.

Overview of the first returns

Here you can see the Results

Backoffice Overview


Editor’s recommendation: The Masternode Pool Club GetNode is the only provider of its kind. GetNode allows its members to participate in a unique masternode pool that is already over 100 Bitcoin in size. Through active management of the pool and constant purchase of new masters, GetNode has achieved very good results. So who ever wanted a passive income through Masternodes, here is the change.

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