Criteria for the educational system

Criterion of correspondence of the content of education to the capabilities of the educational and material base of a modern school, taking into account the prospects for its development in the near future.
Optimization college essay writer as a method of teaching guides the teacher to a conscious and justified choice of them taking into account:
- the objectives of the lesson (training, education, development);
- the content of the lesson;
- degree of complexity of the material;
- level of readiness of the class, characteristics of the class based on the conclusions of the pedagogical consultation;
- comparative characteristics of capabilities, strengths
comparative characterization of capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of various teaching methods;
- peculiarities, strengths of the teacher himself/herself;
- features of the training room;
- availability of a training room;
- the existing moral and psychological conditions at the
of the school, etc.
This approach to the selection of teaching methods such as cautions
This approach to the selection of teaching methods prevents teachers from absolutizing certain methods as well as from
This approach prevents teachers from absolutizing certain methods and from unreasonably refusing to choose a leading, dominant
in a particular lesson method.
The optimization of education also includes a differentiated
approach of teachers to students.
Good lessons (judging by the results) testify to the fact that the teacher either purposely used the ideas of
optimization, or, not being familiar with them, intuitively came to
came up with them himself and implemented them. The search for optimal ways
of teaching using the essay editing service has long been underway in schools. That is why any good lesson from the point of view of the maximum possible in the acquisition by students of knowledge, abilities, skills, in raising the level of their upbringing and development is the optimal lesson, regardless of whether the teacher used this term,
whether he used the procedure of optimization, or, not knowing about it,
or without knowing it, had been walking toward it empirically for years.
Optimizing the instructional process:
- Helps the teacher learn how to comprehensively solve the problems of
of teaching, education and overall development of students;
- forms a teacher's ability to study the real learning
abilities of schoolchildren, i.e. to carry out in an accessible measure
to predict the expected success of students in learning and
and to take their characteristics into account when planning the lesson;
- teaches to constantly highlight the main, essential in the content of the educational material; forms the ability to choose the most rational methods and means of teaching, freeing the teacher from the mechanical requirement to apply all methods in one lesson;

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